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Bill Ward's Studio Works

Earlier Cassettes:

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This is the 5 song EP that the newer CD "Trying to Get Out Alive" came from. These songs were digitally remastered on the CD with all new vocals added. Here they are in their original form. It contains 5 songs (2 with the band “Black & White”) released in 1990.  This cassette is the beginning of Bill's modern sound.  It’s punchy and vibrant, with some great guitar solos.  5 killer songs:

1)   Trying to Get Out Alive
2)   A Chance at Sea  

        (re-done on "Trying to Get Out Alive" CD above -so this is the only place to get this original mix)
3)   Ain't Going Down
4)   Dreaming About You
5)   Bye Bye Love


  The Chair is Squeaking (opus 2)   

This cassette was released in 1989 and features Bill Ward with his band “Black & White”  (1986-1989).  A very diverse album with styles from rock to folk to fusion to gospel.  This album speaks about the decline of Godliness in America and offers the solution. 

1)  Whatever Happened?

2)  The Chair is Squeaking

3)  Where is Your Heart

4)  America

5)  Promised Land

6)   Look Out

7)   You Better Get Ready

8)   Red White and Blueberry Jam

9)   Something Wrong

10) Thoughts

11) Take My Hand

13) Theif in the Night

Interesting notes:  "Red White and Blueberry Jam" and "Something Wrong" were completely re-done on the new CD "Liberty's Last Stand".  (Fortunately I still had the original horn parts written down).   It is interesting how this album in many ways echoes the themes of "Liberty's Last Stand" nearly 3 decades earlier.  - I just might just add "Theif in the Night" to later versions.


The Theme of "The Chair is Squeaking" as written on the inside of this cassette-




  Those Days Are Gone  (opus 1)    

This was Bill Ward’s first album- released in 1985.  It was remastered in 1994— improving the quality while adding 3 new songs.  This album has a warm folk music feel with a touch of blues and rock.  The theme is one of friendships and the passing of time.
Released in 2003.    This guitar oriented rock album was long overdue.
 Bringing together a couple of cover songs from his live show, new songs and classic material -(the updated and completed "Ravens in the Night" cassette below).  From start to finish, this is Bill's best work.

1)   Trying to Get Out Alive

2)   Shelter From the Storm  by Bob Dylan

3)   Escape

4)   Alright Tonight

5)   Matchbox   by Carl Perkins

6)   A Chance at Sea

7)   Ain't Going Down

8)   Grape Jelly

9)   Dreaming About You

10)  How It's Done

11)   Bye Bye Love   by B & F Bryant

12)  La Le Lay

Ravens in the Night opus 3

The Studio Recordings

of Bill Ward

Disk 1

1) Rock This Boat
2) The Suicide of the Free World
3) Sixteen Tons
4) Walk the Dog
5) It’s Time
6) Don’t Bring Us Down
7) Johnny’s Blues /  
- Ain’t Going Down
8) Ignorance & Arrogance
9) Settin’ You Up
10) Animal Farm

Disk 2
1) Red White and Blueberry Jam
- Something Wrong
2) Paranoid
3) Ninny Nanny Land
4) Tighten Up Your Wig
5) Mercury Blues
6) Slow Train Coming
7) Tightrope
8) Suicide in the Free World

Here is the completely updated 2 disc set of simply the best satirical parodies and original songs you'll find anywhere.  The musical arrangements are all original and the lyrics are beautifully artistic as well as philosophically profound.

-This just might change your life!


Click here to listen and find out more about this album including liner notes and lyrics

1)   Those Days are Gone

2)  Oh Lord

3)  Terri's Song

4)  Goodbye My Friend

5)  Preacher Man

6)  In From the Gloom

7)   The Other Side

8)   I Cried

9)   Happy Man

10) Tomorrow's A New Day

11)  All These Years

12)  A Final Word

1)  Ravens in the Night

2)  Ease Me Down

3)  Feelings Changing

4)  Where Am I?

5)  Roses From Heaven

5)  Call Me Tomorrow

6)  Springtime is in Bloom

7)  Hitchin' in the Night

8)  One Last Winter  "Sunrise in the Morning"

9)  Lay My Head Down

This album was released in 1997.    This is a more lyrical work with a classical excellence.  It is dreamy and melancholy with glimmering hope throughout.

This CD is also available for purchase at CD Baby in either physical CD or digital download format. 

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$12.95 - CD



     Bill's latest release (opus 8) "Canaan Land"

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Here it is!  The long awaited Opus 8.  With Canaan Land, Bill goes back to his roots with an eclectic mix of some of his best unrecorded songs, along with some newly arranged gospel tunes and many surprises.  It is musically deep and spirit filled.  Nobody does a gospel album like this.  It was many years in the making and the beauty and detail will keep the listener entertained for a long time.


Take a listen to the samples and then go and get a copy.  Or you can find it on your favorite online music streaming store.


 1)  Happy Day Express

 2)  Make It

 3)  On a Saturday Night

 4)  Psalm 55

 5)  Up to Canaan Land

 6)  Let My Spirit Flow

 7)  A Better Way

 8)  All Dressed Up

 9)  Magical Paradise

10) Wayfaring Stranger

11) House of the Rising Sun

12) I Have Decided

13) Psalm 91

14) Take My Hand

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