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Rock the Boat   (the tea party anthem)
-to the tune of “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo” by Rick Derringer


Inspired by a great rock song that I’ve always wanted to play, it's been reworked here into a tea party anthem.  Here is the rock and roll version of the historical Boston tea party -a revolutionary event.  Combining elements from both the Johnny Winter version and the Derringer original, this fresh arrangement adds a new horn section.  Tyrants always want to push you around.  Dump their load into the sea.



The boys had gathered at a pub in town

There was a whole lot 'a talk about puttin' it down

Boston was rockin' with energy

Sammy had a plan and he told it to me, he said


"Rock this boat, chuck the tea

Dump a Load into the sea

Rock this Boat, chuck the tea 

Take a taste of liberty"


With painted faces we were ready to rumble

We're gonna stick it to the king, gonna give him a tumble

There was talk about stealing and drinking the tea

Sammy said "no! now you listen to me", he said


Now a new dictator has come to town

He wants to tell you how to live wants to push you around

He's gonna give you everything, gonna make you a slave

But we love our freedom in the land of the brave we say

The Suicide of the Free World
- Lyrics and Music by Bill Ward


This is a serious song about perhaps the saddest tendency amongst human beings -the sacrifice of life and liberty for safety and government handouts.   As Benjamin Franklin put it; “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  This tragedy has played itself out in numerous ways and to varying degrees throughout human history and is presented artfully in this song.   Musically this song began with the opening blues guitar line, but with the addition of the horns it took on a bit of a jazzy flavor.  Choir voices also add the melancholy to the unfolding tragedy.



The mob is in the Street / They're screaming for their bread

There's nothing left to steal / The utopia is dead

And there's a cold gray building in the center of town

Where the bureaucrats sit and push papers around

Deciding who will get the benefits and who will get the crumbs

Who will be the kings and who will be the bums


The Suicide of the free world...

Social justice in the real world


A peace sign on your jeep / An iron cross on your chest

You're a rebel sheep / You're a real Marxist

I see a Darwin fish on a Subaru

Now dead in a junkyard rusted through

The dreams of the commune never die

They just recycle the same old lie


Who is John Galt / Did he let you down

It's always his fault / Why did he leave town

Now the voice on the megaphone is talking again

It's not safe out here please return to the pen

The people have rejected history

That was a brief shining moment in history

Sixteen Tons  
-derived from the tune (uncertain authorship) of the folk song of same name sung by many; made famous by Tennessee Ernie Ford


Unionization is the building block of communism.  It’s a force that becomes as corrupt and tyrannical as the corporate forces in contends with.  The “hope and change” that Obama and the progressives speak of is merely a softened version of the “workers paradise”; an unobtainable utopia for which you must sell your freedom.  It is the road to feudalism; the road to serfdom.  This song was the perfect vehicle to express this.  Sadly, the original version missed the point and blamed big business rather than the real thugs, big labor and the union bosses.  It shows the misery of unionization and government jobs programs countering it with the true spirit of America: rugged individualism and self reliance.



A commie says a man is made out a mud

A serf is made out of muscle and blood

A creature that don't know right from wrong

His mind is weak but his back is strong


You load sixteen tons, what'd ya get?

Another day older and deeper in debt

Saint Peter don't you call me I feel so strange

I sold my freedom for the hope and change


I was born one morning when the sun didn't shine

I took my hammer and sickle and I walked to the mine

I dug sixteen tons of Democrat coal

And the union boss said, "well bless a my soul"


I was born one morning, it was drizzling rain

Fighting and trouble are my middle name

I was raised in a canebrake by an old momma lion

Ain't no mommy boy Obama make me walk a picket line


Now if you tread on me you better step aside

The British cam and the British died

A with a claw of iron and a claw of steel

The eagle will squawk and the rats will squeal

Walk the Dog

-derived from “Walking the Dog” by Rufus Thomas
rearranged using elements of the 1973
Aerosmith version


This is a gas to play live.  It’s a great blues lick set to a nursery rhyme that here has been manipulated into a poetic statement about apathy.   This is the anthem of the ignorant; the low information voter.  It presents examples of people who have become oblivious of how political philosophy and cultural rot affects their lives.  They live safely (so they believe) in various bubbles, concerning themselves with themselves, passively “coexisting” while never understanding that right and wrong, light and darkness, cannot coexist together.  But this is too much reality for them and they check out, preferring to merely “walk the dog”.



Mary Mack, dressed in black

High heelin' cross the railroad tracks

Freedom to her is a strut in the park

It's a big silver screen, it's a kiss in the dark


Walkin' the dog, she's just walkin' her dog

And if you don't know how to do it,

she'll show you ho to walk the dog


I asked her momma for fifteen cents

To see the trailer trash jump the fence

They come to vote on election day

Don't want nobody come a knocking 'n take their benefits away


Mary Mary is lookin' pretty

A liberal goody goody in the city

She coexists with all religions

She feeds the bums like she feeds the pigeons

It's Time
- lyrics and music bu Bill Ward


 "We must work the works of Him who sent Me as long as it is day; night is coming when no one can work” -John 9:4.  It’s time to get up on our feet, shake the dust out, straighten the sheets and cease from our slumber.  “"No one after lighting a lamp covers it over with a clay jar, or puts it under a bed; but he puts it on a lamp stand, so that those who come in may see the light.” - Luke 8:16



I've cried too many tears 

I've waited too long in sorrow

I've wasted too many years

I've waited too long for tomorrow


I've gotta get up on my feet

Shake the dust out of my hair

Wash my hands, straighten my sheets

It's time I ended this nightmare


World here I come again

I'm coming out of hiding

I spent to long in my sin

I've waited too long deciding


And it's a long road up ahead

But it's time I started walking

'Cause baby soon I will be dead

I'm sorry I've got no time for talking

Don't Bring us Down
- sung to the ELO tune “Don’t Bring Me Down” by Jeff Lynne


With some new guitar lines, this song took on a different feel than the original -until the distorted guitar enters.  In this recording some synthetic drums and bass were added to create a unique sound.   It’s hard enough to fight the relentless left, must we also contend with the do nothing Republicans In Name Only who stab their conservative base in the back and seem to have little more interest than the Democrats in limiting the power and scope of government?  “We don’t remember no more what we elected you for, don’t bring us down.”



You RINOs got us going out of our mind

You got us thinking that we're wasting our time


Don't bring us down, no no no no no

You got to put up and fight you got to get yourself right

(we don't remember no more what we elected you for)

Don't bring us down


You like to hand out with your media friends

They stab you in the back again and again


You're playing games making back-room deals

But it's our liberty and fortunes you steal


You're spending us into oblivion

It won't be long before our days are done


You're just a RINO of the ruling class

You're looking more just like another jackass


A rent-a-mob is camping out at your door

Your knees are buckling you ain't so sure

Jonny's Blues
- a blues jam from a live Larry Norman album named after the lead guitarist Jon Lyn which has long been the live intro into...


Ain't Going Down

- lyrics and music by Bill Ward


This is a new recording of the song from the 2003 album “Trying to Get Out Alive”.  A new meaning comes from new lyrics and a new guitar solo provides a deep melancholy feel.



Liberty lost is never found

You pay the cost or prepare to drown

Well I found something better and I ain't going down with you


Security sings her siren song

She's a pretty thing, she don't last too long

Well I found something better and I ain't going down with you


Tyranny's moon is on the rise

Take shelter soon, don't close your eyes

Well I found something better and I ain't going down with you

Ignorance and Arrogance
- to the tune “Ebony and Ivory” by Paul McCartney  and Stevie Wonder


Originally, a sappy, politically correct song that
musically works perfectly for the two words
that define Obama the best.



Ignorance and Arrogance / Live together in the little president

Side by side in his bloated ego oh oh can't you see?


He doesn't know that people are different wherever you go

Some are good, some are bad, they're individuals

They want to live

But he takes away the freedom that they need to survive

He doe not hide his...


The elitist sits in his ivory tower looking down from his perch

At his subjects below.  "I will guide you"

Though they do not wish to go

He shoves it down their throats because he always knows best

He passes the test for...


Ignorance arrogance are living in the little president

Ignorance arrogance in the white house now take residence

Ignorance arrogance unto himself he makes romance

Ignorance arrogance he's black he's white I bet he can't dance

Ignorance arrogance every room he enters he has no sense of his

Ignorance arrogance extraordinary incompetence


He's got to go

Setting You Up
- derived from Dire Straits’ “Setting Me Up” by Mark Knopfler


Talking about the “the one”, the leader of the Obama youth, the cult of personality, who came to correct all the flaws of America’s founding.  But the real flaw of America was when it lost its collective mind and blindly elected this community agitator -twice!



They say your "the one" bound for glory

But the word is out and we've learned

We got the latest side of the story

We're pulling out before we get burned


Your laws are squeezing us way down to the bone

Then we see you breaking them all

Why can't you just leave us alone

Your pride is gonna lead to your fall


We're setting you up, to knock you down

You're making us out to be your clown

We're setting you up, to knock you down

You better give it up Barry, give it up, 

you better quit that messing around


We know about all your foreign connections

You endlessly apologize

And for America you've got no affection

You got to cut her down to size


You think we care about the kings decisions

You say we ain't got no class

And how we cling to our guns and religion

We're gonna kick your elitist ass


We're setting you up, gonna put you down

Gonna make you out to be the clown

We're setting you up, to put you down

You better give it up Barry, give it up, 

you better quit that messing around

Animal Farm
- to the tune “Maggie's Farm” by Bob Dylan


This is a great closing song for a live show, and so I ended side one with it.  This was reworked and re-recorded with
some tough language for the slave masters amongst us .

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” - George Orwell

At some point we need to stand up and say

“we’re not going to work Animal Farm no more”!



I ain't gonna work on commie farm no more

I ain't gonna work animal farm no more

Well I wake in the morning fold my hands and pray for rain

The echo of that megaphone is driving me insane

You always gotta sacrifice some more


I ain't gonna work for Miss Queen no more

I ain't gonna shine for the queen no more

You must endure the daily lectures about everything she knows

Pretending not to notice her ostentatious clothes

And then she fines you as you kneel and scrub the floor


I ain't gonna work for miss fancy no more

I ain't going work for ninny Nancy no more

Well she talks to all her servants about man and God and laws

Her face is made of wax and her fingernails are claws

She's sixty eight but says she's twenty four


I ain't going down with dirty Harry no more

I ain't gonna sleep in this gutter no more

With his mousy voice and his beady eyes

The dirty rat tells his dirty lies

As the mafia stands guard outside the door


I ain't gonna work on commie farm no more

I ain't gonna work animal farm no more

Well I try my best to be just like I am

But fascists they want you to be just like them

They say sing while you slave but I just get board

Disc 1