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Fame is a double-edged sword.   It is almost impossible to achieve without a burning desire for it.  If achieved it often becomes a  prison preventing the artist future growth.  If one treasures freedom,  fame comes at a high price.   The song should become famous rather than the performer, but a great performance is necessary however to display the song in its best light.

Since the early 90's Bill Ward has refined one of the most artistic and eclectic one man shows you will ever see.   These days he most often appears for 1 -3 songs as a solo singer/songwriter for special events without a backing track but his typical full show involves 3 guitars, piano and an original self recorded backing virtual band.

The show is a mix of original music with classic blues/rock, along with some finer pop songs, with even some jazz or unusual selections popping up. It is tailored to fit the venue, whether a full rock concert or a simple acoustic setup. He plays both guitar and piano, has a strong voice, and is a formidable blues guitarist.  It's fun to listen, dance and party to but this is not background music!   

Bill has been performing his one man show around Chicago land for many years and is available for parties or events. Please contact for more info:

It would be great to form a band again and I would love to find the right players.  I'm open to any possibilities that time and space permit.

Get in touch.

Rock This Boat!

Is tea party music the exclusive right of country music and marching bands? How about injecting a healthy dose of blues, rock and satire into your next tea party or political event? Why should the liberals have all the good music?

Bill Ward has performed in support of various conservative candidates and causes that advance liberty.

Life and Liberty are fun

As both a musical artist and stanch conservative, and with the advent of the tea party, he has revamped his live show turning classic tunes into satirical parodies (Liberty's Last Stand) that cut to the truth about politics and leftist beliefs.   - the P.J. O'Roarke of music!